The Southern Penobscot Regional Program for Children with Exceptionalities is committed to the concept of providing a free appropriate public education to all children in the least restrictive environment. The Regional programs serve as components of each participating district’s
continuum of services required by state and federal law. The programs are designed to meet the needs of students whose districts are unable to provide local educational programs which offer the student appropriate educational benefit. Each program varies with the nature of the population served, assuring that each student participates in school and community mainstream opportunities to the maximum extent appropriate to the needs of the student.


Additionally, the Regional Program provides assistance to participating districts through surveys, facilitated interagency collaboration, consultation, staff development and other services as requested.


SPRPCE Mission Statement

The mission of the Southern Penobscot Regional Program for Children with Exceptionalities is to provide regional educational opportunities for children with exceptionalities through a collaborative sharing of resources and to promote programs that enhance the instructional and administrative expertise of professionals in a cost efficient and effective manner.

Executive Officers Revision ~ Approved April 05, 2005


SPRPCE Purposes

  1. To provide special education programs for low-incidence severe disabilities (Mental Retardation, Emotionally Disabled, Multiple Handicapped, Hearing Impaired/Deaf, Severe Other Health Impaired (A.D.H.D.), Learning Disabled, Blind, Autism, etc.)
  2. To develop a Regional Resource Team: School Psychological Service Providers, Speech & Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Special Physical Educators for diagnostic and direct service.
  3. To engage in advocacy in Federal and State matters effecting the education and finance of children with disabilities
  4. To coordinate and develop cooperative training/in-service opportunities for special
    education and related matters (requires coordinated school calendars)
  5. To provide technical assistance and training to participating districts regarding IDEA, Sec. 504, affirmative action, homelessness, limited English proficient students, etc.
  6. To encourage sharing of ideas, research, or strategies to various questions
  7. To provide coordination of ESL programming and supports
  8. To coordinate Special Education Teacher In-service
  9. To seek additional financial opportunities
  10. To develop and implement common policies and practices in identification of and programming for children with exceptionalities
  11. To actively collaborate with other regional organizations to achieve our mission

Executive Officers Revision ~ Approved April 05, 2005



To determine the future of SPRPCE including, but not limited to, structure,organization, programs, and leadership

   Action Steps

  1. Evaluate current programs & identify needs (including: costs, programming, related servces, staffing, space, organization, structure & leadership)
  2. Define what regional services, programs, and structures are desired
  3. Explore advantages/disadvantages of moving to a separate entity
  4. Explore expansion of programs and services or partnerships with other organization(s)
  5. Develop plan of action for the future of SPRPCE including leadership, structure, facilities, programs & services, and partnership(s)
  6. Get plan approval
  7. Implement plan to begin the transition phase

Executive Officers Revision ~ Approved March 03, 2009


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Updated 09/11/2014