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SPRPCE Mission Statement

The mission of the Southern Penobscot Regional Program for Children with Exceptionalities is to provide regional educational opportunities for children with exceptionalities through a collaborative sharing of resources and to promote programs that enhance the instructional and administrative expertise of professionals in a cost efficient and effective manner.

Executive Officers Revision ~ Approved April 05, 2005


SPRPCE Purposes

  • To provide special education programs for low-incidence severe disabilities (Mental Retardation, Emotionally Disabled, Multiple Handicapped, Hearing Impaired/Deaf, Severe Other Health Impaired (A.D.H.D.), Learning Disabled, Blind, Autism, etc.)
  • To develop a Regional Resource Team: School Psychological Service Providers, Speech & Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Special Physical Educators for diagnostic and direct service.
  • To engage in advocacy in Federal and State matters effecting the education and finance of children with disabilities
  • To coordinate and develop cooperative training/in-service opportunities for special education and related matters (requires coordinated school calendars)
  • To provide technical assistance and training to participating districts regarding IDEA, Sec. 504, affirmative action, homelessness, limited English proficient students, etc.
  • To encourage sharing of ideas, research, or strategies to various questions
  • To provide coordination of ESL programming and supports
  • To coordinate Special Education Teacher In-service
  • To seek additional financial opportunities
  • To develop and implement common policies and practices in identification of and programming for children with exceptionalities
  • To actively collaborate with other regional organizations to achieve our mission
    Executive Officers Revision ~ Approved April 05, 2005



To determine the future of SPRPCE including, but not limited to, structure,organization, programs, and leadership


Action Steps

  • Evaluate current programs & identify needs (including: costs, programming, related servces, staffing, space, organization, structure & leadership)
  • Define what regional services, programs, and structures are desired
  • Explore advantages/disadvantages of moving to a separate entity
  • Explore expansion of programs and services or partnerships with other organization(s)
  • Develop plan of action for the future of SPRPCE including leadership, structure, facilities, programs & services, and partnership(s)
  • Get plan approval
  • Implement plan to begin the transition phase
    Executive Officers Revision ~ Approved March 03, 2009

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