Bangor Regional Program for Students with Multiple Disabilities (Severe Cognitive Delays and Physical Impairments)

Mission Statement

The Bangor Regional Program for students with Multiple Disabilities provides special education programming for students who have severe to profound cognitive disabilities. Daily instruction emphasizes the development of functional living skills, communication skills and social and emotional skills. Enhancing the quality of student lives while maximizing their ability to communicate and interact with others while engaged in activities of daily living, is a major component of the instructional program.

Program Location
The program is implemented in Bangor Public Schools with classrooms located at the following schools:
• William S. Cohen School, 304 Garland Street, grades 5 – 8
• Bangor High School, 885 Broadway, grades 9 -12

Goals of the Educational Program
• The Bangor Regional Program provides a comprehensive educational program designed to maximize students’ use of language and communication skills, continue the growth and development of sensory motor skills, fine and gross motor skills and increase activities of daily living.
• Special Education Teachers collaborate with related services providers to integrate physical therapy, occupational therapy and communication therapy activities into lessons which are implemented throughout the school day.
• Special Education Teachers collaborate with regular education teachers and integrate students into mainstream activities as determined appropriate and beneficial for each student including opportunities for peer socialization.
• Special Education Teachers provide parent training to facilitate carry-over of learned skills into the home setting.

School Facilities
• self-contained classroom
• state of the art physical therapy equipment
• state of the art assistive technology
• classroom computers
• Promethean boards
• Hoya lifts
• access to therapeutic swimming pools at the Bangor Y and the Elizabeth Levinson Center

Staff Positions
• two full time, certified special education teachers
• speech/language therapist
• educational technicians
• occupational therapist
• physical therapist
• adapted physical education teacher
• assistive technology consultant
• special education administrator
• part-time secretary
• psychologist
• nursing services by contract

Student Population
Educational services are provided for students enrolled in grades five through twelve who have severe to profound cognitive disabilities. Students are instructed in multiage classrooms.

Referral/Placement Procedure
Students are placed in the Bangor Regional Program for Students with Multiple Disabilities by their local school’s Individualized Educational Program Team.

Christina Babin, Assistant Director of Pupil Services,

  • Absorbing former Holden Elementary Program for Students with Multiple Disabilities
  • Students will be mainstreamed or attending Bangor Regional Program for Multi-Handicap’s middle school program