Bangor Regional Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Mission Statement

The Bangor Regional Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing provides comprehensive instructional support for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The program provides access to all school and extra curricula activities and promotes academic achievement and social involvement using a “total communication” approach. Each student is served by a Teacher of the Deaf and instruction is provided in a special education setting or an inclusive education setting as determined by the Individualized Education Program team. This program offers an opportunity for deaf/hard of hearing students to attend public school with other deaf/hard of hearing students in a setting which is within daily commuting distance from their homes.

Program Location
The program is implemented in Bangor Public School and special education services are provided at the following schools:
• Fourteenth Street School, 224 Fourteenth Street
• Fairmount School, 58 Thirteenth Street
• James F. Doughty School, 143 Fifth Street
• Bangor High School, 885 Broadway

Goals of the Educational Program
• The Bangor Regional Program provides academic instruction consistent with the Bangor Public School Curriculum.
• Teachers of the Deaf work with students to develop communication skills using total communication including the use of American Sign Language, Signed Exact English, Cued Speech and Auditory-Oral Communication.
• Teachers of the Deaf work with students to develop language skills, auditory skills, social skills and independent living skills.
• The Regional Program provides a support system for deaf/hard of hearing students and their families.

School Facilities
• self-contained classroom
• resource room
• mainstream classroom
• full access to all school facilities and extra curricular activities
• audiological services provided at Eastern Maine Medical Center or the Warren Center, both located in Bangor.
• auditory trainers and FM systems
• closed caption decoders
• telecommunication devices for the deaf (TDDs)
• American Sign Language Classes at Bangor High School
• American Sign Language Club at Elementary Schools

Staff Positions
• two full time, certified teachers of the deaf
• part time speech/language therapist
• educational technicians
• interpreters as needed
• occupational therapy as needed
• physical therapy as needed
• special education administrator
• part-time secretary
• psychologist
• audiologist by contract

Student Population
Educational services are provided for students enrolled in kindergarten through grade twelve who have moderate to profound sensori-neural hearing loss and whose educational programs cannot be implemented by other qualified special education teachers. Students are instructed in small group, multiage classrooms, resource rooms or regular education classrooms as determined by the Individualized Education Program Team.

Referral/Placement Procedure
Students are placed in the Bangor Regional Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing by their local school’s Individualized Educational Program Team.