Bangor Regional Therapeutic Day Program (Day Treatment)

Bangor Regional Therapeutic Day Program is one of several regional programs sponsored by the Southern Penobscot Regional Program for Children with Exceptionalities (SPRPCE). SPRPCE is a cooperative of school units that provides educational opportunities for children with exceptionalities. The collaborative shares resources and promotes programs that enhance the instructional and administrative expertise of professionals in a cost efficient and effective manner. Members of the cooperative include: Bangor, Brewer, Glenburn, Greenbush, Indian Island, Milford, Orono, Veazie, RSU 22, RSU 64, RSU 87, AOS 47, AOS 81.

Mission Statement
The Bangor Regional Therapeutic Day Program provides students access to quality educational programming in a therapeutic separate day school. The program provides a therapeutic environment and positive behavioral support to help students learn needed strategies to regulate their social and emotional behavior enabling them to learn skills that will assist them in returning successfully to their public school settings.

Program Location
The program is sponsored by the Bangor School Department and is located at 208 Maine Avenue in Bangor, Maine.

Goals of the Educational Program
• The Bangor Regional Therapeutic Day Program provides academic instruction consistent with the Bangor Public School Curriculum.
• Small group and individualized instruction is provided consistent with the students’ Individualized Educational Program and may include discrete trial instruction, functional life skills curriculum, vocational job site training, and traditional academic programming.
• Special Education Teachers collaborate with a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor/Social Worker to develop positive behavioral support plans that help students meet their educational and behavior goals.
• A Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor/Social Worker provides parent training to facilitate carry-over of learned skills into the home setting.
• Special Education Teachers collaborate with the students’ home school district to plan the students return to local programming when students are ready to transfer to a less restrictive educational environment.

School Facilities
• 8 classrooms
• multipurpose room
• sensory room
• library
• kitchen
• classroom computers/IPads
• access to select classes at Bangor High School via Tandberg instruction
• community job sites
• time out rooms
• daily use of school van

Staff Positions
• administrator/director
• six full time, certified special education teachers
• licensed clinical professional counselor/social worker
• educational technicians
• secretary
• certified itinerant art, music, physical education teachers
• contracted related services providers

Student Population
Students enrolled in the Bangor Regional Therapeutic Day Program have significant emotional or behavioral disabilities which impact their ability to be educated in a traditional school environment. Educational services are provided for students enrolled in kindergarten through grade twelve. Students are instructed in small group, multiage classrooms and are assigned to classroom session based on their grade span and developmental ability.

Referral/Placement Procedure
Students are placed at the Bangor Regional Therapeutic Day Program by their local school’s Individualized Educational Program Team.

July 9, 2014

208 Maine Avenue
Bangor, ME 04401
Tel. 207-941-0825
Formerly: Southern Penobscot Regional Program/Old Town Regional Program – Day Treatment, Old Town